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Particle Effects on Main Menu

Originally posted by Puddy on the guide forums

You can place any particle effect on the main menu by putting this into your mainmenuoverride.res:

  "ControlName" "CTFParticlePanel"
  "fieldName" "ParticlePanel"
  "xpos" "0"
  "ypos" "0"
  "zpos" "55"
  "wide" "f0"
  "tall" "f0"
  "visible" "1"
  "proportionaltoparent" "1"

      "particle_xpos" "c0"
      "particle_ypos" "c0"
      "particle_scale" "3"
      "particleName" "env_rain_001" // you can change particle name here
      "start_activated" "1"
      "loop" "1"

  "paintbackground" "0"

Here’s a preview, as you can see, Sawmill’s raining particle effects are present:

You can refer to the VDC list of TF2 particles for ideas on what particle names you can use.