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Benchmarking is the process through which you can scientifically measure the impact of changes on your system.

A large amount of benchmark data is crucial to ensuring that mastercomfig works on various systems.

Thus, it’s highly appreciated to benchmark mastercomfig and any changes you make to it or your system, so we can better understand the impact of these.

How to benchmark

  1. Download the sbmrk24 24-player benchmark file by shounic.
  2. Move it to the tf/ folder.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. Enter timedemo benchmark_test
  5. Record your timedemo output from the console X frames X seconds X fps (X ms/f) X fps variability.
  6. Repeat timedemo benchmark_test as many times as you like to decrease the effects of systemic variation.

Benchmark data

mastercomfig provides a service for recording benchmark data so that we can improve it together based on data.

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