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TF2 Documentation

mastercomfig is a project based upon learning more about the game, and using that knowledge to empower the community with an enhanced experience.

To that end, we compile resources that provide information

Config documentation

An essential component of mastercomfig is the information gathered regarding console variables and launch options.


You can view premade cvarlists, launch options lists, hidden cvarlists, and documentation about string commands.

Making your own cvar list

  1. Remove mastercomfig VPK and add these launch options: -novid -autoconfig -default -conclearlog -condebug +clear +cvarlist +quit.
  2. Launch TF2.
  3. Remove launch options, add mastercomfig again.
  4. Copy and paste tf/console.log cvarlist.

Making your own hidden cvar list

Use the sm_cvarlist SourceMod plugin.

Making your own launch options list

On Windows you can use the GetLaunchOptions.bat script.

On Linux you can use the following commands: find . -type f \( -name "*.so" -o -name "hl2_linux" \) -print0 | xargs -0 strings | grep "^\-[A-Za-z]" | awk 'NF==1' | sort -u > launch_options.txt

HUD Documentation

Another popular aspect of customization for TF2 is custom HUDs, which enable community members to modify the menu UI and in-game HUD.

The HUD uses a vast system called VGUI2, and it is documented by many HUD authors:

Visit the HUD documentation hub for more information