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This is a list of features that come out of the box with mastercomfig, so you can get an idea of what it can manage for you.


  • Fully compatible with custom scripts and configs
  • Extensive commenting for different options
  • Presets to easily fit your use case
  • Extra optional customization settings
  • Modular config system to allow for fast updating
  • Extensive built-in addon system, providing support for null-canceling movement, transparent viewmodels and more

App features

  • Easy customization of settings
  • One click install package
  • Customize keybinds including advanced class config setups
  • Customize various aspects of weapons like crosshairs, firing effects and explosions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed match HUD not fully disappearing when disabled
  • Fixed tournament settings lingering into local servers


  • Threaded graphics
  • Optimizations for modern systems
  • Optimized LOD
  • Optimized lighting
  • Optimized shadows
  • Optimized particles
  • Optimized water
  • Optimized post-processing effects
  • Optimized anti-aliasing and texture filtering
  • Optimized characters
  • Optimized decals
  • Optimized gibs
  • Optimized props
  • Optimized ropes
  • Optimized outlines

Start up

  • Cleaned up texture preload list
  • Cleaned up client precache
  • Cleaned up console output
  • Optimized start up time


  • Persistent LZMA buffer
  • File system optimizations
  • Fully async IO
  • Optimized memory usage


  • Reduced latency of client commands (opening class menu, switching spectators, kill, MvM buyback and more!)
  • Increased data rate
  • Reduced choke
  • Reduced packet loss and improved reliability
  • Optimized prediction and interp systems for better hitreg
  • Tuned client view smoothing
  • Increased client timeout
  • Increased max file size for extra content
  • Templated customization of network settings per class
  • Reduced overall overhead of networking system


  • Asynchronous sound playback
  • Adjusted lip sync
  • Minimized sound delay
  • Improved sound performance
  • Enhanced sound quality and spatialization
  • Enhanced voice chat toggle feature, which acts instantly in a server and reduces bandwidth usage


  • Optional same sensitivity for scope and other mouse enhancements for consistent input


  • Prevents aimbots from joining local servers
  • Prevents players from joining your party without your permission, spamming the party chat, causing lag and sound spam
  • Optional mitigation of Steam game info leaking your IP address when in a local server