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String commands

String commands, also known as strcmds or nonccmds, are strings forwarded over the network for processing, rather than being handled by the command system.

Client string commands

This process occurs when a command is not found in the client, or when the cmd command is used to directly forward the command to the server. You can also run this for bots using bot_command.

There are a few types of client string commands:

  • Engine client commands: these are special commands already registered on the client and server as console commands, but are handled through string forwarding. These are all listed in the cvarlist.
  • Dispatch client commands: these are console commands only registered on the server (flagged as GAMEDLL), but are accepted to be run by the client. These are listed on the cvarlist as well.
  • Client commands: these are all other commands, which are parsed manually by handlers through their string command and arguments. These are not listed on the cvarlist.

List of client string commands

  • killtarget: destroys an entity target by name/classname or uses picker. Only works with developer 1 and sv_cheats 1 and when executed as the server host.
  • demorestart: requests a full update packet from the server
  • fade: fades the screen to a black tint
  • te: spawns a test temp ent. Requires sv_cheats 1.
  • voicemenu: plays a voice command by menu and item index
  • vban: an internal command for sending a mask for telling the server what voice data from players to ignore due to muted status.
  • VModEnable: tells the server to not send voice data (0) or to send voice data (1). Used to communicate the status of voice_modenable.
  • vehicleRole: switches vehicle role index while in a vehicle.
  • Vote: internal command for casting votes.
  • playerperf: dumps player packet history
  • tournament_readystate: set a team as ready.
  • tournament_teamname: set the team name.
  • tournament_player_readystate: set yourself as ready.
  • nextmap: tells you the next map.
  • timeleft: tells you the time left for the map.
  • ignoremsg: says what chat messages to ignore. cycles between ignore none, ignore all and ignore team.
  • addcond: adds player condition by ID
  • removecond: removes player condition by ID.
  • jointeam: specify the team to change to, limited to every 2 seconds
  • closedwelcomemenu: handles what menu to display when joining the server (team or class menu depending on auto team)
  • joinclass: specify the class to change to, limited to every 0.5 seconds
  • resetclass: suicides and resets the player class in highlander mode
  • mp_playgesture: play a gesture by name, requires sv_cheats 1
  • mp_playanimation: play a sequence by name, requires sv_cheats 1
  • menuopen: open class menu
  • menuclosed: close class menu
  • pda_click: play PDA click animation
  • weapon_taunt: does a taunt
  • taunt: same as weapon_taunt
  • stop_taunt: stops a long taunt
  • td_buyback: buys back in MvM
  • build: builds a building or sapper
  • destroy: destroys a building
  • eureka_teleport: for the Eureka Effect, teleports home, or if specified, a specific location: 0 (home) or 1 (teleport exit)
  • arena_changeclass: changes class in arena mode
  • extendfreeze: extends death time by 2 seconds
  • show_motd: shows the MOTD
  • show_htmlpage: shows a specified URL as MOTD
  • closed_htmlpage: notifies the MOTD was closed
  • condump_on: turn on Power Play, if there is another argument, will enable for the whole team.
  • condump_off: turn off Power Play, if there is another argument, will disable for the whole team.
  • spec_next: moves to next player in spectate
  • spec_prev: moves to prev player in spectate
  • spec_mode: changes camera mode for spectate
  • spec_player: spectates by SteamID, player name or server #UserID
  • spec_goto: spectates at coordinates x y z pitch yaw
  • spectate: enters spectator mode
  • showroundinfo: shows round info panel
  • autoteam: joins a team automatically.
  • coach_command: when coaching, handles coaching instructions (attack, defend, look, go)
  • boo: while a ghost, says boo.
  • loot_response: plays voice line for getting loot in MvM game end. args: common, rare, ultra_rare.
  • done_viewing_loot: finishes viewing loot in MvM
  • team_ui_setup: shows team select
  • next_map_vote: command for choosing between map selections in Casual, 0, 1 or 2.

Server string commands

This process occurs when the server wants the client to run a command which is flagged by server_can_execute.

You can use the clientcmd command or a point_clientcommand entity to send these commands.