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Wanting to get more out of TF2? Look no further for a comprehensive list of community projects that you may wanna check out!


  • comfig huds — An alternative HUDs directory after shut down

  • HUD Editor — A tool for editing HUDs

  • HUD Merger — Merge HUDs together by picking and choosing elements from each!

  • Static Ambassador Crosshair — Replaces the dynamic crosshair resize of the Ambassador inaccuracy indicator with a static crosshair



yttrium’s viewmodels installer will add an autoexec.cfg inside of your tf/cfg folder. You may delete it if you want since it is not used and not needed. Use the dynamic_background=preload module instead.

Graphics enhancement

Graphics simplification


Other customizations


  • RGL — The Largest NA TF2 Competitive League
  • ETF2L — European Team Fortress 2 Competitive League
  • TF2 Coaching Central — TF2CC is a hub for coaches and new players to provide guides, mentoring, demo reviews, pugs and a Newcomer’s Cup!


  • Steam Priority Launcher — A launcher for launching Steam games, such as TF2, with different priorities

  • TF2 Bot Detector — Automatically detects and votekicks cheaters/bots in TF2 casual

  • Vote HUD Custom Font — Uses a custom font on the Vote HUD to show the invisible characters that bots use in their name

  • — The easiest way to get a TF2 server

  • — Preview cosmetic loadouts

  • — Preview decorated weapons

  • — MvM wave generator