• Chris for starting it all
  • Comanglia for continuing what Chris started and helping a bit with my config
  • Rhapsody for updating Chris’ config
  • Felik for providing an alternative to Chris-based configs
  • JarateKing for all their amazing work on TF2 modding and configuration
  • Aar for making amazing videos about TF2 graphics customization and supporting this config
  • The community for their continued support, advice and benchmarks. (Special Mentions to: amazoc, JackStanley, Setsul, Hopps, fagoatse, ZeRo5, stabby, Whisker, Vantavimeow, osvaldo, DarkNecrid, steph, Thole, gemm, sage, Malkraz, maximsmol, Fraklin, UnnoTed, Mothership, Mike, Skorp, Smoutebollen, Goatz, DapperTrapper, Tene, mambo, Perkzitos, Sakii, Leo40 and perhaps many others)
  • The Valve Developer community for their documentation of Source Engine console variables and mechanics
  • and to Valve, for making and updating (for over a decade!) the best class-based FPS to date with so much customizability on top