Download the VPK files of your choice and then drag them directly to your tf/custom folder. Do not put the VPKs in a folder inside your custom folder, put them in the custom folder itself. You don’t have to rename anything either, just drag the files as is into custom.

The VPK includes everything needed for the config to run, so you don’t need to have an autoexec or run it using anything. If you already have an autoexec, you’ll definitely want to read on for more information on how to migrate to mastercomfig. Don’t edit the VPK either, a later step has customization instructions.

To get to tf/custom, right click Team Fortress 2 in your Steam library, click Properties, go to the Local Files tab, and then click the Browse Local Files… button. Then in the files app that appears, open the tf folder and then open the custom folder.