Viewmodels are not visible

Add the following to your user/autoexec.cfg:

viewmodel_fov 70
r_drawviemodel 1

Instead of 70 for viewmodel_fov, you can use any value you prefer.

Game stutters on join

To counteract the %killername% bug and other HUD bugs, mastercomfig runs hud_reloadscheme on the first spawn of your first match, with the caveat of the game stuttering/freezing when you first join.

You can disable it by adding alias game_overrides_once to your user/autoexec.cfg, though this is not recommended.

TF2 crashes when entering a Competitive Matchmaking match

This is due to the config reset feature of in-game competitive matchmaking.
Make sure you are using DirectX 9 (dxlevel 90 or above). Competitive Matchmaking does not work on DirectX 8 (Official FAQ).

Run mm_override in console on the main menu before you join a in-game competitive match to make the config compatible with competitive matchmaking.

You will have to exit the game to reset the lock that competitive puts on the game’s settings.

TF2 exits on startup

Make sure you don’t have any infinite loops caused by an exec autoexec in your custom configs (like in your user/autoexec.cfg). Additionally, make sure your custom configs don’t contain quit, and that your launch options don’t contain +quit.

Preloading animation and/or model mods not working

If you are trying to use this sort of mod and preload it to bypass sv_pure, people have found async disk loading to be incompatible with preloading. Install the Slow I/O addon to completely disable async loading, and thus fix this issue.

yttrium’s viewmodels not preloading

If you use yttrium’s viewmodels, the installer adds the preload commands to your autoexec.cfg. However, since mastercomfig doesn’t use your autoexec.cfg, you’ll have to add this to your user/autoexec.cfg:

map_background preload_room; wait 10; disconnect

TF2 crashing on a custom map

If TF2 is crashing to desktop after a custom map loading or after picking a class on a custom map, enter mat_phong 1 in console. The crashes are caused by lightmapped props and phong must be enabled to allow the map to load properly. All Valve maps except for rd_asteroid don’t use lightmapped props. More information at TF2Maps.

Item panels are taking too long to load

Add tf_time_loading_item_panels 0.0005 to user/autoexec.cfg.

Players’ sprays are not working even with the module enabled

Players’ sprays are treated like a decal in-game. To get sprays to work, you have to set the decals module to low or higher.

Ignore these, as these are red herrings that happen in a clean TF2 installation and do not affect FPS.

“Unknown command gl_*” errors in console

mastercomfig sets some OpenGL-related cvars, which are only available on Linux and macOS. Thus, these errors appear a few times when using mastercomfig on Windows. These errors are harmless and can be ignored safely.