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TF2 Documentation

Premade lists

You can view premade cvarlists, launch options lists and hidden cvarlists.

Making your own cvar list

  1. Remove mastercomfig VPK and add these launch options: -novid -autoconfig -default -conclearlog -condebug +clear +cvarlist +quit.
  2. Launch TF2.
  3. Remove launch options, add mastercomfig again.
  4. Copy and paste tf/console.log cvarlist.

Making your own hidden cvar list

Use the sm_cvarlist SourceMod plugin.

Making your own launch options list

On Windows you can use the GetLaunchOptions.bat script.

On Linux you can use the following commands: find . -type f \( -name "*.so" -o -name "hl2_linux" \) -print0 | xargs -0 strings | grep "^\-[A-Za-z]" | awk 'NF==1' | sort -u > launch_options.txt

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